Guorui (Ray) Xu Student


I am currently working on the implementation security of cryptography algorithms and its formal verification.

Research Interests

  • Formal methods and verification
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • Programming languages and operating systems (from the security perspective)
  • And some other challenging but interesting topics.


  • F. Zhang, G. Xu*, B. Yang, Z. Liang, K. Ren, “Theoretical Analysis of Persistent Fault Attack,” SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2020, 63(3):139102.
  • F. Zhang, B. Shao, G. Xu, B. Yang, Z. Yang*, Z. Qin, K. Ren, “From Homogeneous to Heterogeneous: Leveraging Deep Learning based Power Analysis on Cross Devices,” Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2020.
  • X. Lou, F. Zhang*, G. Xu, Z. Liang, X. Zhao, S. Guo, K. Ren, “Enhanced Differential Cache Attacks on SM4 with Algebraic Analysis and Error-Tolerance,” In Inscrypt 2019, December 2019.
  • Y. Zhang, F. Zhang*, B, Yang, G. Xu, B. Shao, X. Zhao, K. Ren, “Persistent Fault Injection in FPGA via BRAM Modification,” In The 2019 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing (IDSC 2019), November 2019.
  • F. Zhang, B. Yang, G. Xu, X. Lou, S. Bhasin, K. Ren, “Improvements and recent updates of persistent fault analysis on block ciphers,” in Book Frontiers in Hardware Security and Trust, Editors: Chang Chip-Hong, Cao Yuan, (Eds.) 2019.

Skills and Projects

  • LaTeX. I maintained and contributed to several repos of LaTeX templates and examples.
  • Linux. I use Arch Linux as my primary OS since 2017.
    • dotfiles: My dotfiles controlled by GNU stow.
    • emacs.d: My emacs configuration.
    • Managing 10+ Linux servers for my organization and group.
  • Python and other script languages that can produce PoC and automate many works easily.
    • post-bot (deprecated): Sync tweets among several platforms.
    • Notice-Helper (deprecated): A collection and publish tool of school notifications.
  • Rust, C: at a problem-solving level.
  • Racket, Haskell: at a problem-solving level.
  • Isabelle and Coq, at a beginner level for now.
  • Web development and design, at a middle level.

Reading Notes and Other Materials